There must be something in the water….several of our lovely CSE dancers have recently done some very grown up things like getting married and having babies so at CSE HQ we thought it was about time to expand our pool of talent.

We headed down to our favourite Fulham rehearsal studios, Dance Attic, along with representatives from PJHQ and Navy Command for a day of dancing, moves, swagger and fun.

We will forever have Lady GaGa’s single 'Applause' spinning round our heads after hearing it non-stop as we watched the girls learn a fab new routine, before putting them through their paces in much smaller groups so we could whittle them down till the best girls were left standing.

In the afternoon, the dulcet tones of Justin Timberlake singing 'Suit and Tie' graced our ears when we brought boys into the picture to see how a mixed dance troupe would fare. Always in favour of changing things up, it was great to experiment with different line ups and see the interaction between the boys and the girls.

Keep a look out on tour for some fresh new faces coming soon.

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